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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

ABC Wednesday "J" Is For Jasper And Jeanau

It might seem sad but I have to carry on the Canada - Alaska theme. There were just so many photo opportunities that it seems a shame to present anything else at the moment. Besides that it is taking me a considerable amount of time to wade through the photos I have to be ready for printing.

So, I hope you don't get bored of these, I don't think I ever will.

Picked up our new car today, there is no J in it though, it is a brand new shiny black Peugeot 207. Not mine really it belongs to Lyn (my wife), you never know she may allow me to drive it.

Also, got 2 job interviews to attend, one on Thursday the other on Friday, so, I had better swat up on these.

OK back to the photographs.

This first one is of the Athabasca Falls in Jasper National Park. You have to be there to appreciate the full force and noise of the water.

The second one is again of the Athabasca Falls taken from a slightly different angle as it passes through the ravine. The lovely colour of the water is a result of minerals deposited from glacial melt, at this time of year it is not so vibrant but still has really nice aesthetic qualities

The third installment is arriving at Jeunau very early in the morning, there was not much light about, the birds were just starting to sing.

The fourth photograph is one taken at Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau, the colours here wer very vibrant and we managed to see a couple of bears, brown ones I think. I used a polarizer to enhance the colours, some areas may appear a little dark but from a subjective point of view that is what I wanted.

This last one was taken on a whale seeing expedition, did not see too many and one has to be quick to get a good photo. The whales will not pose to order (shame). This is the disappearing tail of a Humpback, this was taken from some distance using a 300 mm zoom lense and oh yes it was very cold on the boat deck.

So, there you have it until next week, so what will "K" be, I will leave you to guess.

Ding dong on the doorbell, great my new scanner has arrived, the other one packed up through overuse.

Saturday, 22 September 2007

It Has Been A Busy Week

The title says it all, don't know why I am up this time on a Saturday morning after all of the activity of the week.

Blog Aesthetics

I have had a play about with the look of my blog and added a few new features, let me know what you think, mainly they are link graphics so when you click on a particular link it should now hover with a different colour, plus I have added a recent comments section.

Job Interviews

In brief it goes like this: Spent most of the week swatting up for job interviews I had on Thursday and Friday (I have already had a couple and am awaiting the results). This has entailed going through the job specs and researching all about the companies on the internet. One of them was very interesting, the position being Process Technician for a military defence unit. I would dearly love this job, this place is tucked away in a little rural location by a river, great surroundings and oh! yes what appears to be a very interesting and challenging role.

Most of the positions I have been interviewed for are not close to home ranging from a 40 to 50 mile radius, so there will be a certain amount of commuting, this is not so bad depending on what roads you have to use. The first job interview this week was at Kidsgrove near Stoke whereby I had to use the M6, the M6 can be a pain especially between junctions 14 and 15 which is about a 12 mile stretch of road with no other get offs and it is notorious for accidents, if you get stuck on there you may as well get out the sleeping bag.

Good job most of these interviews are in the morning because I then have to do a part time job in the afternoon to evening, then again what more can you ask for it happens to be behind a bar.


Some of you may or may not have seen photographs of me (they are on my old blog or websites, check links on blog). In most of the recent ones I have fairly long hair (in most places). Of course when one is trying to get professional positions this may be an issue, therefore I decided to get it chopped off. It took me 14 months to get it to a 12 inch length and 5 minutes to reduce it to a former shadow of itself.


Went into hospital on Thursday night for a routine Angiogram, Cardiac Catheterization

Click on the links for an explanation. This is part of the ongoing treatment I have for Congenital Heart Disease. Not a particularly nice procedure but fortunately carried out under a general anaesthetic. One has to shave one's groin, it now has the appearance of a chicken with its neck pulled. The following link gives a little bit of history about mon condition poorly peter

I was hoping that the above link would take you directly to the paragraph on the page but my website provider will not allow me to insert a anchor or tag without upgrading my subscription, so you will just have to scroll down the page a little.

Still, as one has too, I managed a couple of glasses of wine last night.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

ABC Wednesday. "I" Is For Icefields From 37,000 Feet

This weeks attempt comes from space, well almost, these photographs were taken at 37,000 ft above the earth. The 1st photo shows an ice field of Baffin Island and the next 4 show the ice fields of Greenland

It is difficult to imagine the enormity of these glaciers when viewed from this height, they must be miles across.

I left the plane wing in some of them for purposes of scaling, although it probably would not make any difference and oh! yes the plane wing was in the way.

It was a great flight with manly clear skies. The colours I think are very bold especially the sky in contrast with the ground which is a little tamer.

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Blog Index

Hi there folks, just wondered, the people that look at this blog, have you added it to your blog page and removed my old blog link, please do so. This will speed up my blog indexing in search engines and also if you are inclined, to get to my blog much quicker.

I have added the people from my previous blog.

Thank You

By the way I am sure most of you will be familiar with this webpage, if not take a look around.

Blogger tips and tricks

Intro Post

First one, yes first post on here. See the reason why, Been Having A Think, basically I wanted to start afresh and have some flexibility with my blog. I have moved from wordpress and my last post on there was: The Time Has Come To Move To Blogger

So bare with me for a while and let me get my bearings, hopefully it will all become apparent.

I will start the photo part of it with a piccie of my now deceased cat (almost 3 years ago) Felix. Hope you like. Just thought I would give him some recognition.