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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

ABC Wednesday "J" Is For Jasper And Jeanau

It might seem sad but I have to carry on the Canada - Alaska theme. There were just so many photo opportunities that it seems a shame to present anything else at the moment. Besides that it is taking me a considerable amount of time to wade through the photos I have to be ready for printing.

So, I hope you don't get bored of these, I don't think I ever will.

Picked up our new car today, there is no J in it though, it is a brand new shiny black Peugeot 207. Not mine really it belongs to Lyn (my wife), you never know she may allow me to drive it.

Also, got 2 job interviews to attend, one on Thursday the other on Friday, so, I had better swat up on these.

OK back to the photographs.

This first one is of the Athabasca Falls in Jasper National Park. You have to be there to appreciate the full force and noise of the water.

The second one is again of the Athabasca Falls taken from a slightly different angle as it passes through the ravine. The lovely colour of the water is a result of minerals deposited from glacial melt, at this time of year it is not so vibrant but still has really nice aesthetic qualities

The third installment is arriving at Jeunau very early in the morning, there was not much light about, the birds were just starting to sing.

The fourth photograph is one taken at Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau, the colours here wer very vibrant and we managed to see a couple of bears, brown ones I think. I used a polarizer to enhance the colours, some areas may appear a little dark but from a subjective point of view that is what I wanted.

This last one was taken on a whale seeing expedition, did not see too many and one has to be quick to get a good photo. The whales will not pose to order (shame). This is the disappearing tail of a Humpback, this was taken from some distance using a 300 mm zoom lense and oh yes it was very cold on the boat deck.

So, there you have it until next week, so what will "K" be, I will leave you to guess.

Ding dong on the doorbell, great my new scanner has arrived, the other one packed up through overuse.


kml said...

I will never tire of your beautiful images - keep 'em coming!

Max-e said...

don't apologise for the canada alaska theme these pics are great. keek em rolling

photowannabe said...

Great interesting travelogue. Keep it up, they are exciting an the compositions perfect.

WalksFarWoman said...

Oh Peter, those are stunning photos - 3 & 4 belong on calendars, they are awesome. Have you heard of Lulu.com? Or there are any amount of photo websites that put your images on a wide range of goods - I'm sure your friends would love something so personal at Xmas.

Mike said...

The 4th picture down...... I'd like to canoe round there. It's a stunning place.

Peter said...

All you people above thanks for the positive comments. I will eventually run out of stock which means another trip somewhere else but fortunately I have an abundance of back catalogue to get through. TTFN

Bob Johnson said...

Great Pics! love your site.

Annie said...

Jasper and Juneau are so beautiful to see. Now I'm wondering what K will bring - Kissimmee or Kalamazoo?

Nicole said...

WOW... what beautiful photographs. Breathtaking actually! PS: your now on my ABC Wednesday blogroll.