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Thursday, 13 September 2007

Intro Post

First one, yes first post on here. See the reason why, Been Having A Think, basically I wanted to start afresh and have some flexibility with my blog. I have moved from wordpress and my last post on there was: The Time Has Come To Move To Blogger

So bare with me for a while and let me get my bearings, hopefully it will all become apparent.

I will start the photo part of it with a piccie of my now deceased cat (almost 3 years ago) Felix. Hope you like. Just thought I would give him some recognition.


Neva said...

I think you'll really like blogger...picasa works really well with it....love the cat picture.

Annie said...

Felix was a beauty. He reminds me a bit of a cat I'm trying to befriend these days. I've been feeding the cat; today it actually sat and looked at me, didn't run away. Progress.

Mike said...

Pete, I see you're having a bit of header trouble. You could do with getting rid of the border. It needs deleting from the HTML. I'll run through it with you.

Peter said...

Neva, thanks for your comment, I will be paying visits to your blog and ABC Wednesday

Annie, Thank you for your comments as well, yes he was a beauty, sadly missed. Hope your cat situation improves

Mike, never noticed the header, do you mean the lines (border) that cover some of the header. Any tips would be invaluable.

Ali said...

Glad the move is under way Peter, I'm sure you'll like Blogger, it's pretty flexible, and the templates are easy enough to alter with a bit of know-how or help!!

Peter said...

Thanks for comment ali. Think I already sorted the header out, is it ok now Mike, just experimented with Html