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Saturday, 22 September 2007

It Has Been A Busy Week

The title says it all, don't know why I am up this time on a Saturday morning after all of the activity of the week.

Blog Aesthetics

I have had a play about with the look of my blog and added a few new features, let me know what you think, mainly they are link graphics so when you click on a particular link it should now hover with a different colour, plus I have added a recent comments section.

Job Interviews

In brief it goes like this: Spent most of the week swatting up for job interviews I had on Thursday and Friday (I have already had a couple and am awaiting the results). This has entailed going through the job specs and researching all about the companies on the internet. One of them was very interesting, the position being Process Technician for a military defence unit. I would dearly love this job, this place is tucked away in a little rural location by a river, great surroundings and oh! yes what appears to be a very interesting and challenging role.

Most of the positions I have been interviewed for are not close to home ranging from a 40 to 50 mile radius, so there will be a certain amount of commuting, this is not so bad depending on what roads you have to use. The first job interview this week was at Kidsgrove near Stoke whereby I had to use the M6, the M6 can be a pain especially between junctions 14 and 15 which is about a 12 mile stretch of road with no other get offs and it is notorious for accidents, if you get stuck on there you may as well get out the sleeping bag.

Good job most of these interviews are in the morning because I then have to do a part time job in the afternoon to evening, then again what more can you ask for it happens to be behind a bar.


Some of you may or may not have seen photographs of me (they are on my old blog or websites, check links on blog). In most of the recent ones I have fairly long hair (in most places). Of course when one is trying to get professional positions this may be an issue, therefore I decided to get it chopped off. It took me 14 months to get it to a 12 inch length and 5 minutes to reduce it to a former shadow of itself.


Went into hospital on Thursday night for a routine Angiogram, Cardiac Catheterization

Click on the links for an explanation. This is part of the ongoing treatment I have for Congenital Heart Disease. Not a particularly nice procedure but fortunately carried out under a general anaesthetic. One has to shave one's groin, it now has the appearance of a chicken with its neck pulled. The following link gives a little bit of history about mon condition poorly peter

I was hoping that the above link would take you directly to the paragraph on the page but my website provider will not allow me to insert a anchor or tag without upgrading my subscription, so you will just have to scroll down the page a little.

Still, as one has too, I managed a couple of glasses of wine last night.

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Max-e said...

I fortunately am self employed so don't do job interviews. However, I conducte a lot of interviews and the methods I use fall short of the bright lights - I understand why you swot for these. You have my sympathy - today's interview techniques are wicked - hope you get it