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Monday, 15 October 2007

ABC Wednesday "M" Is For More Will Be Revealed

"M" was becoming a bit tricky for me. Yes, I could have used more of our last holiday photographs but I thought I would give everyone a break. I Don't want to squeeze the life out of them and will no doubt use others at a later date.

I have uploaded "M" early because this is going to be a busy week for me therefore I may not have enough time on Wednesday.

Before you go diving in to look at the "M" photographs, would you please take a moment to visit a website which is currently featuring some of my photographs, these are the ones taken at 37,000 feet flying over Greenland and Baffin Island. I had a message from a Flickr member asking if he could use them for comparisons to shots taken on Google Earth.

The description of the website Reads:

Not so green is the web site for everyone who has ever looked out an airplane window and wondered what they were looking at. We sort through the thousands of aerial photographs posted on photo-sharing sites like Flickr, and create a global map showing the locations of images from around the world. We present this information using tools like Google Maps, which allows you to see photo locations in your browser, and Google Earth, a standalone application that you install and run on your computer. Using Google Earth, we can show you the exact location and perspective of each image in our system.

We bring you images from around the world, but we have a particular focus on Greenland, whose clear air, stark landscapes, and location along many international air routes between North America and Europe make it a popular target for many aerial photographers.

The Website Link is Not So Green

OK, now for the "M" photographs and more will be revealed. I hope this set of photos will not appeal merely to the male section of blogger commenter's but to everyone that leaves comments on my blog.

A little while ago I had the opportunity to photograph an Amateur Model, these photos were taken at a private studio close to where I live and organised through Cannock Photographic Society. They are in no way pornographic and are presented more from an art point of view.

The rest of the set of photographs can be viewed at My Flickr. They certainly have aroused a fair bit of comment activity, more so than the normal holiday snaps, I cannot figure out why.

So, without further ado here they are:


Kate Isis said...

love the cheesecloth genie shots, the expressiosn on her face tell a story in itself.

WalksFarWoman said...

Mmm, I'd much rather have a 'M'an as your subject! Men's bodies are far more photogenic (providing they are in shape). This subject just lacks charisma but that could be a female reaction I don't know. meow? ;)

RUTH said...

I think you've managed to capture various moods. Cothed or unclothed it's all in the eyes. Well done. Thanks for dropping by my post...I'll add you to my blogroll now :o)

Mike said...

I'm not complaining. A very nice lady if you ask me.

Max-e said...


Neva said...

Not bad....she has a nice shape for her age! and your photos from the air at NOT SO GREEN are awesome!!!!

Peter M said...

Thanks for your comments guys and gals ans Neva thanks for visiting Not So Green

Ackworth Born said...


well no I didn't comment [just read your N-post] earlier but I did read the post and I guess by the time I'd scrolled down [not too keen on this kind of framed post, but understand why you did it this way] I wasn't really sure what or how to comment.

I probably visit around 100 blogs a day -- sometimes I'll comment on 5% sometimes 20% - will look back at the N post tomorrow on my rounds but whether I'll comment or not depends on my mood at the time.

still enjoying my view of your model as I post this!

mrsnesbitt said...

I too am sorry for not reading this last week. I was teaching last Wednesday and was quite late but this was not intentional.


Peter M said...