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Monday, 1 October 2007

Just Another Monday Morning, Or Is It

Yep, got that Monday morning feeling, slightly tired from a weekend of non relaxation. Suppose it is all self inflicted really.

I am waiting for some information on potential jobs, I have been told I may hear something this week but I have heard it all before. OK, I am going to jump into positive mode, so yes I am waiting for job info and I have an unusual interview on Thursday morning. It is a telephone interview with the Tarmac Group, never had one of those before. Must be the new method, still I suppose it benefits them by not having to see lots of applicants.

Finally got down to sorting the holiday photos in earnest and will make a special effort to get them uploaded top my Flickr site this week. Then there is ABC Wednesday, so I need to find something for that, maybe with a twist.

Lyn has got me a list of jobs to do this week to keep me occupied (I think) so I had better go and start them in a while.

Christmas we will be staying at the Rothley Court Hotel in Leicestershire. This is the description and link:

Rothley Court itself is a rambling manor, with beautiful gardens, steeped in history and concepts of freedom. The Knights Templar used Rothley Court and the 13th century chapel in the building can still be visited.

Lord Macaulay was born at the court in 1800, a place frequented by William Wilberforce in the 18th century working with the owner Thomas Babington on the campaign to abolish the Slave Trade. Rothley Court Hotel

You may have heard of Rothley many times in the past few weeks it is the hometown of the Madeleine McCann family.

We have a possible holiday in Durham coming up and another in The Lake District, so many more photo opportunities.

The new car looks great, a Peugeot 207, black in colour:


  • I had better go and wash up
  • Change the light bulb in the oven
  • Clean the motorbike
  • Cut the grass
  • Plant the bluebells for next spring
  • Get dressed (best do this first)
  • Look for a job
  • Have a shower (best before I get dressed)
  • Sort some more photos out
  • Make a coffee (will do that now)


WalksFarWoman said...

Funny how Rothley wasn't such a well known name before the McCanns. :(
How you enjoy your stay though. Last year we left it too late to book and ended up at a pub which was a disaster - so thanks for the reminder! :)

Hope you'll accept the award I've just posted for you at Kissing The Dogwood! :)

Peter M said...

Thank you very much for the award, it is only the second one I have received and it is so nice to be recognised

Mike said...

I don't think you really need a job, you have enough to do already!