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Tuesday, 20 November 2007

ABC Wednesday "R" For A Right Old Mixed Bag

A bit of a mixed bag this week I am afraid. I have struggled a little to get some up to date photos as I am dealing with a new job, drinking and the fact that someone ran into the back of my motorcycle on Saturday night while me and Lyn were on it. Thankfully we are ok and the driver of the offending vehicle is ok too. Not much damage I hope but I will have to have it checked out for any unseen damage.

So my "R's" in order are:-

1 A Russian Dancer taken at a St. Petersburg folk event

2 The Redmore, a local pub taken just after it snowed a couple or 3 years ago

3 A Rude Gorilla, this was taken again 3 or 4 years ago at a zoo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, just managed to catch him at the perfect moment

4 The Coliseum in Rome, this is one of my favourite shots of ancient ruins

5 Finally, a street scene in Rothenburg, Germany, taken a couple of years ago. I love the colours of the buildings here, although it was a dull day, I think it still came out OK.

I have my serious thinking head on for The X, Y and Z additions, although I have to get a S, T, U, V, and a W, It's all good fun and gets you out.


Oswegan said...

Nice shots! I like all of them.

That is a rude gorilla. He reminds me of the people I see on my commute to the office.


Mike said...

Top gorilla! The pics are all great, the coliseum being my favourite though.

RUTH said...

Glad you're ok! A great selection of R's :o)

david mcmahon said...

Mate, you always give this ABC gig a fair shake. That rude gorilla picture is a classic.

Annie said...

I started laughing when I saw the rude gorilla and I haven't stopped yet. That is priceless! Are you sure you didn't doctor this up some? If not, I offer the photo as evidence that animals think and have intention.

Jean M Fogle said...

the rude gorilla is my favorite, I wonder if someone taught it to do that or if it learned by watching.
the other pics are great too, I like the angle of the coliseum.

Peter M said...

Not doctored but I am sure the zoo keeper had a leading hand

WalksFarWoman said...

That's quite a diverse range Peter, I envy you your travels.

I plan to go off in the spring, Rome and Rothenburg look good from here.

A great tribute to 'R' especially after being shaken up in an accident!

Digital Flower Pictures said...

I love all of these. I agree 'X' is going to be tough. I have enjoyed the ABC thing as it has me shooting and that is usually a good thing for me.


Andrea said...

You are just full of interesting "R's" Good post!

Kate Isis said...

The collseum is amazing but the rude gorilla wins it for smiles.

Neva said...

The houses in Germany ....I love th colors...what a cool street to walk down. The Rude gorilla...what a hoot!!! too funny....have a great day.

hpy said...

You didn't return that sign to the gorilla?

kml said...

That's quite a bundle of R's! That gorilla is a scream!

Lilli & Nevada said...

I don't know were Rothenburg is in Germany, But was born in Arwheiler. Located around the Rhine River. which i went back with my mother several yrs ago, and i have to say the houses all look so nice and color full.
I was 3 when we moved from there to Stutgart. and from there in 1959 my mother and i moved to the USA , so i really love to look at photos like this, thank you
Oh and yes that Gorrila is very rude. but a great shot.