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Saturday, 8 December 2007

ABC Wednesday "U" For Uncertain And Oh Yes We HAve Had Another Photo Published For A Tourism Brochure.

Uncertain, uncertain, uncertain, that is the nature of the beast this week. I have had hardly any chance this week to be creative this being mostly due to the weather, it has been terrible, well it has when I want to get my camera out.

I have had to scratch my head and I have to say i have gone down the route of something taken recently. The first shot I will call umbrella, as there are so many of them in this picture which was taken at Ephesus in Turkey. It was a very dull day so I have decided to desaturate but at the same time keep some of the coloured umbrellas as they were. Not everyones cup of tea but after the large amount of time and effort |I put into it, I hope it was worth it.

This second shot was taken in a church which was part of a palace in Copenhagen. I am going to call it Unbelievable architecture which indeed I believe it is, it is extremely ornate and beautiful.

I am sure you will have guessed that I have called this one Urn. This was taken at Peterhof Palace in St. Petersburg in Russia. If you ever get the opportunity go here to to see the sheer opulence

Lastly this is called Up High In The Sky, taken as we were just departing from Stockholm. This guy or girl (not sure which) posed like a professional.

Before I go, just want to tell you, apart from the photographs we had published on this site here we have had another one published here on a site called Schmap which is for Worldwide Dynamic Travel Guides. I was asked by the company if they would allow it and of course I agreed, nothing financial just the exposure (to coin a phrase). There is a widget on the left hand side of the page, if you click on it it will take you to the particular guide which is for the westin Hotel in Calgary, Canada. The photo is nothing special but they wanted to use it. It is the fifth one out of six of the series.

Have fun


tenforty said...

You're quite right, that is some unbelievable architecture! My friends and I discussed retracing the apostle Paul's missionary journeys some time in the future, Ephesus would be in our itinerary if that trip ever materialises. Deb

hpy said...

The colourful umbrellas is my favourite, or maybe the bird high up in the sky. Or maybe the urn, no, it must be the unbelievable architecture. I'm undecided.

Kate Isis said...

Can't go past the first shot. Its a winner.

dot said...

I'm glad I don't have to pick a favorite here.
Enjoyed your "U" post!

Ackworth Born said...

my favourite of these is the bird but I love the show of umbrellas too. Amazing how opulent the palaces of St Petersburg are. I recently got a small fee when I had a photo used in coach-tour brochure.

Jim Baker said...

hey great use of U's... i like unbelievable architecture...

congrats on getting work published!

jim baker

mrsnesbitt said...

Love the umbrellas!
But the seagull is awesome too....they are all great!

Wonderful stuff.
Congratulations too.

Lilli & Nevada said...

I love that first shot, the architect is so beautiful.
Yes congratulations

Neva said...

wow, you are very good at "U"!...The upside down "U" in the church....very very nice!

kml said...

The first one with the colored umbrellas is great!

Peter M said...

Thanks again for your comments. ABC is very popular and gives you at least one reason to keep blogging

Digital Flower Pictures said...

It is probably Thursday where you are but I didn't want to miss visiting your site this week. Great pictures. Most of time I don't care too much for selective coloring but your umbrellas are really very nice.

Annie said...

Hello PeterM,
Our weather has been gray and I haven't had any photos of the great outdoors worth sharing but you, all your gray-day photos are beautiful. You have more inspiration than I, maybe?

Oswegan said...

Nice shots Peter!


Max-e said...

Hi Peter
I having been playing catch up and have enjoyed the variety - nice posts and great shot.
Thanks for your thoughts and comments during my recovery.