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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

ABC Wednesday "Z" Is For Three Below Zero

So here we are, yes we have finally arrived at "Z". Though this is not the end I hear, we will be keeping it going again from "A". That is good because i was not involved in the early stages so missed a few of the posts.

I have found it quite exhilarating and also testing at times when trying to find a suitable subject.

So for this post I have chosen Three Below Zero. A bit of twist again, basically three photos taken on our recent trip where the temperature was below zero.

Crowfoot Glacier, Banff National Park

Mendenhall Glacier

Glacier on Glacier Bay

The last photo was taken with 300mm zoom looking up to high in the mountains, it came out quite surreal, almost like an oil painting.

By the way, for those of you who could not properly see the photos on my last post, I have uploaded again.

See you all back at "A"


RUTH said...

Stunning photographs. :o)

RuneE said...

Beautiful pictures - almost like being at home ;-)

See you at A!

mrsnesbitt said...

Great stuff, it has indeed been a great journey and now we are embarking on another one. This time i am going to try the subjects within the perimeters of our home...hmmmmmmmmm!

The one said...

Really beautiful pics!!

i´ve also got a blog about many things like music, photos..


thanks for for your photos!

Gordon said...

brrr - that is cold. Excellent photos.

Ackworth Born said...

those are spectacular - I remember the ones I saw in New Zealand and Austria but these look huge.

dot said...

What fantastic pictures! Very good post for Z.
Thanks for the bit about your Dad's picture. He looks like a sweet man.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Alaska is one big photo op, isn't it. You did well showing off some huge areas.

Have a good Wednesday.

kml said...

Great images! We will be at below zero for the next few nights. BRRR!

bonnie said...

wow, that's cold. Do you consider the wind chill factor?

DigitalShutterMania said...

Wonderful landscape photos and thanks for sharing good photos for this ABC Wednesday. I learn a lot of wonderful thing from your blog.


Max-e said...

These are stunning pictures Peter, but about 25 degrees below my ambient temperature :)
I think I could brave the cold for that country side

Peter M said...

Thanks for your comments on all of my posts.

Dot - yes he is sweet, sometimes cranky but still sweet.

Bonnie - nope did not consider, it was just rather chilly but still very nice

DSM - thank you for your comment, I have left a comment on your blog

Sharon said...

These were beautiful, I love Alaska.

Neva said...

What beautiful photos! Awesome.