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Saturday, 2 February 2008

A Lot Of Sweat , Head Scratching, Hard Work, A New Layout And A New Header

Please take a look at my new layout for my blog. I have always wanted a 3 column page but did not want to go through the stress of re writing the code. Then I thought, why not have a go, so after several hours and several attempts I finally managed it.

Oh yes, I have changed the header banner photo as well.

I think it looks pretty good and the web page is much more balanced. The one problem I have found by re writing some of the code is that it slightly cocks up the template page, there is no way to edit thew widgets. (See image 1 below). Therefore, if you wish to remove or edit the widgets on the right hand side you have to change the coding for which way the widgets float, then you have to change the coding back to realign the web page. It is quite simple and takes about 10 seconds.

Image 1

Web Page after correction of widget code

If anyone is interested in having a go at this let me know and I may be able to help you. (My rates are quite reasonable).

The page looks better in firefox than IE, the calendar does not load correctly in IE and the header does not show the border as it does in firefox. From checking other blogs, they seem to load and look better in firefox. You could always try firefox and uninstall if you don't like.



Andrea said...

That is interesting. I am afraid to touch too much, afraid I will mess everything up or lose everything on my blog. You are brave and you know a lot more than I do. :)

Lilli & Nevada said...

Love your new site. I am always thinking about trying something new and it takes me a long time to do it but then i am so dumb to the computer that i am afraid of screwing something up

Mike said...

Your middle column is biased to the left. You need to centralise it. Apart from that I think it looks fantastic. Give me a call if you get stuck.

Peter M said...

Andrea and Lilli:-

It is ok to mess around with the template and page layout without worrying.

The first thing to do is save your original template to your computer, then if the worse comes to the worse you can upload it back to blogger and restore your original one.

Mike said...

About your border, stick your own border around the picture using Photoshop and totally delete the border on blogger. That's by far the most trouble free way. Not sure what's going on with your calender. I'd need to take a close look.

Peter M said...

Yes Mike it is slightly biased to the left, if I centralise it it pushes the right hand widgets to the bottom of the page, as it is at the moment the centre and left hand columns do have some space between them and are not interfering with each other, if you have a suggestion please let me know.

Just had a mess, changed the side bar boarder and hey presto it's ok. Does it look ok to you.

Peter M said...

Mike the calendar is only an issue on Internet Explorer

Ackworth Born said...

Yes it looks OK - it isn't as over-cluttered with different widgets like some blogs are, but I do wonder if the average reader ever looks at ANYTHING on the sidebars.

With single side-bars I find that if I want to print-out a single post I have to be careful to not to just click on print else I get about 10 pages with nothing but the sidebar contents.

Peter M said...

Ackworth - Thanks but I think it looks great not just OK especially with the amount of time I put into it. Apart from not many people looking at the side bar you could say the same thing for most peoples posts. Most people probably don't scroll below the first post.

Dragonstar said...

I like the look - much more balanced. I very much like the black background, too, as it sets off pictures so well. I couldn't resist the Pyzam layout I have, but there are several changes I'd make if I could.
Thanks for adding me to your links.

Ackworth Born said...

Hey Peter I'm a Yorkshireman

OK is good
better than merely alright
great is reserved for something super

my observation on the habits of viewers is not a criticism


Peter M said...

ackworth - its always good to stir some emotion, it keeps you on your feet, there is nothing wrong with coming from Yorkshire unless you are Peter Sutcliffe and as the old joke goes when asked what his favourite chocolate was, he always replied "I love a Yorkie"


Katney said...

Far more ambitious that I am willing to try. All I do is play around with fonts and colors. I don't really even know what a sidget is, but I have installed one now--lol.

This definitely looks good. Well, I am not a Yorkshireman, so maybe I should say it looks VERY good.

My memory being rather short, I can't actually compare it with what was before.

Max-e said...

It looks good Peter. If you play around with the codes long enough I am sure you will be able to sort out you widgets....but then what do I know...I'm sticking to the templates. The only advance I have made in html code is to get my pictures bigger