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Wednesday, 12 March 2008

ABC Wednesday H Is For Heroes Alive And Dead

This post is really just an acknowledgment of all the heroes who served in WWI and WWII be it British or otherwise. There are 2 photographs here separated by 66 years. The main photograph was take a few days ago at the German War Cemetery on Cannock Chase Staffordshire.

The German Cemetery near Broadhurst green, on Cannock Chase is a memorial to some 5,000 German war dead, where the servicemen's graves are marked by headstones of Belgian granite, set in plots of heather and tended by gardeners.

The photograph was taken in infrared to get the surreal effect. The second photo is one of my uncle taken in 1942 in Malta. I wanted to give the appearance that he was stepping into the photograph. In fact he was sitting down for an army portrait. By the way he is still alive.

Please click on the photo to get the full effect.....